Colonix Reviews

With over two million units sold since 1998, Colonix is one of the most popular colon cleansing products on the market today. It uses natural ingredients to cleanse and detoxify your body and allow you to lead a higher quality of life and avoid a number of common health problems.

While it does not receive the attention that it deserves as part of an overall health program, the colon is vital to proper digestion and moving body waste out in a timely manner. The problem for many people is that the normal American diet is not very friendly toward the colon. In fact, the diet of most people can lead to the colon to get clogged with fecal matter. When this happens, one can experience a handful of health issues such as gas and varying levels of constipation. A colon cleanser is nothing more than a way to help encourage the natural detoxification process of your body.

Colonix is a three-part cleansing program with the power of over 40 natural herbs. It uses fiber to play the essential role in keeping your colon healthy and free from a backup of waste material. Research by doctors has clearly shown that a diet high in fiber prevents constipation and can help to lower cholesterol levels. It helps to promote regular bowel movements and may help to avoid that fat that can collect around the waist as people get older.

Cleansing with Colonix is easy and fast, and does not take time away from your busy day. Just start out your day by taking 1-2 Colonix capsules on an empty stomach. Next, mix Colonix fiber with either an eight-ounce glass of fruit juice or water and drink as part of your breakfast. Then drink another eight-ounce glass of fruit juice or water to wash down the first. Before you retire to bed for the night, have a drink of a soothing glass of KleriTea. After 5 days of the cleansing process, cut down on your intake of tea. During the days you are detoxing, drink at least eight glasses of water.

The makers of Colonix guarantee it with a 60-day money back guarantee of satisfaction. Reviews by customers of Colonix seem to be strongly weighted in favor of this product. Many users were more than satisfied with how simple of a product it is to use and the quick results. Others lauded the fact that the product left them feeling refreshed and not bloated and feeling many years younger. Other reviews focused on the fact the product helped them have regular bowel movements, when other products that had tried for this had failed miserably. This led to a better quality of life for them and their families. Almost across the board, users lauded the fact that the product is mild, easy on the body, and does not require any special changes to your diet in order to work.

If colon cleansing is something you are looking to explore, Colonix is reasonably priced and easy to use, and uses natural herbs and fibers to restore health to your digestive system.